Random installation wizard?


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I had a problem with a particular unit whereby it would repeatedly lose its settings and run the installation wizard on start-up. This was fixed by a factory reset: see here. I have several HDR-FOX units running and occasionally I find that one of them has 'wizarded'. It sounds like this is quite common. It happened again today and it struck me that, apart from the example I described above, it always happens overnight. As I have the custom firmware installed I know that the unit switched on for the overnight reminder period that I have set up to prevent OTA updates, and that it shut down about ten minutes earlier than it should have done. If this 'wizarding' were truly a random event, surely it would happen at different times during the day? As this is the only time I use the reminder function, is the problem related to the reminder? Is it a bug in the Humax software? Do other people who get the wizard occasionally find that it only happens overnight too?

Edit: probably should have put this in the standard HDR-FOX section.
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Yes, I have seen something similar. Happened maybe 4 times in the past 6 months. I too have the Disable OTA package installed. I have noticed that the auto schedule restore doesn't work in this situation. I have to manually restore from an 'n-1' backup. Don't know if that's related?
I don't have the automatic schedule restore package, but I had to manually restore the schedule from the last but one backup: the one created during the OTA reminder had the events but no channels associated, suggesting that the channels database had been wiped by this point. I don't think it is the disable OTA package that causes the problem per se as anything that runs during this period would run anyway when the unit was first taken out of standby. I'm wondering if there is a bug in the humaxtv process that sometimes triggers the wizard when a reminder is actioned.