Random Power-downs


After reading the existing threads on Random Reboots, and considering the evidence of my own experience, I've decided that what I appear to be witnessing are power-downs/ups instead. Well, at least that's what it appears like. If a reboot does just that, and the hummy comes back up in a powered on state e.g. showing a picture, then this is different: it comes up as far as the Hummy splash screen, and then most definately exits to powered-down-idle mode (not Blue).
This has only started recently, but it is occuring more frequently. Probably just coincidence too, but at one point I thought it might be some power-down timer, as it has happened a couple of times at roughly the same time of night. It might however just possibly be viewing habits, though. I do know that it will power-down automatically if left 'alone' for a number (3?) hours (without 'touching' the controls). I don't think that's it, if only because a) we invariably pause or skip adverts during playback well within that time and b) it has happened even when the box was recording in idle mode (because recordings are reported as such and truncated).
To cover the obvious - no there have been no real power dips or the like, and it is fed via a filtered and surge-protected psu distribution.
So, before I try resetting the box back to factory defaults as some people have been advised by Humax when their boxes becuase unpredictably unstable, I thought I'd throw it open to everyone for their thoughts.:confused:
I would be inclined to do exactly that: reset everything, clear everything, reflash, give it a chance - then if it does it again...
I think a reflash at this stage is going a bit far. It sounds a bit like Microsoft Support's suggestion to reinstall Windows everytime you have the slightest problem, if you forgive me for saying so. But thanks for the suggestions, and I will bare it in mind in extremis.:)
@ ColinS: I just found this thread while trawling for the problem of random power-downs, did you manage to get a solution? I bought an HDR-FOX T2 for my parents earlier this year, and they are experiencing the same problem. It's not the automatic power-down after a preset amount of time, it happens at different time intervals from power-up (e.g. 42 minutes,, 1h 6 minutes ...) and in spite of channel changes during that time. It's still under warranty, but as at times they can't even watch a live 1-hour program without it powering itself down, I need to fix it or replace it.
reset everything, clear everything, reflash, give it a chance - then if it does it again...

I think a reflash at this stage is going a bit far.

I don't understand what's wrong with trying a reflash - it's quick, simple, cheap, has no negative effects, and might solve a problem by correcting a corrupt byte.

You have a unit that is not of satisfactory quality, and Sale of Goods Act applies. If some simple interventions don't sort it, have no hesitation taking it back for replacement/refund. This is not typical and you will end up with a working one in the end.

I reckon this problem is related to the power supply, but in general the above advice applies to most things.
There's nothing wrong with a reflash, except it didn't fix the problem for me (tried both CF and reverting to SF). If there was a simple solution, I'd rather just do that than return the unit, but I have the receipt to hand in case that's what I need to do!

Just to add to the technical detail: in my case, the unit very briefly flashes a message along the lines of 'Unit will shut down in 2 minutes', but the message is only shown for short time (3-5s) before it goes into standby. It doesn't sound to me like a PSU problem, but that's for Richer Sounds to deal with if it does have to go back!
@Shaggy: since you ask, this only my personal opinion, you understand (before I get jumped on by others): In the end, after talking to Humax support and following all the diagnostic tests that were available then (at least on unmodified firmware), I came to the reasoned and firm conclusion that there was a fault in the PSU board of _my_ HDRT2. You can probably read a lot of that story if you search for 'h/w faults in the first 6 months' topic, as in the end that's what I did: it was easier for me to invoke my rights to a full (cash) refund for faults that occur in the first 6 months (which is the position I think your parents are in at the moment since you bought it for them 'earlier this year' and it's still only May), than it was to use Humax's 'warranty' as (in my opinion) you can't know the provenance of the replacement they will provide. The replacement may well be perfect; or it may not be. If it was a Grade A/refurbished one you bought from Richer Sounds in the first place, then this will probably not make any difference to you. If you paid for a _new_ one, then in my case, I saw no reason to accept a Grade A/refurbished one in return. So I took the money, bought another new one, and (touch wood) have have had virtually no problems since then. Your decision really, but it's worth checking the serial numbers in the topic that BH set up, to see if 'your' box has any similarities (in serial no.) to those others who, like me, have returned boxes to the supplier.
Thanks ColinS, as there wasn't a straightforward fix, I'll be knocking at Mr Richer's door in a few days! If it were my own unit, I might perservere with testing all the options I could think of, but with it being remote, it's too much hassle and so an exchange/refund is the best way for me to go. Cheers for the update.