Random reboots shortly after startup


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Firstly, thank you to everyone in the Hummy community for all their hard work on making this an amazing little box.

I do have an issue though. I installed the custom firmware on mine and now, shortly after startup (within a couple of minutes) it will occasionally restarts itself without warning. If a recording is in progress it becomes corrupted and is marked as failed due to power loss.

I have custom firmware 2.17 and the startup splash screen shows ver a7.33. I also have a few packages installed including MediaTomb, RS and nfs-utils.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
This usually means that you have a media server somewhere else on your network that is causing the Humax to crash. Do you have anything running something like Twonky?
A crash immediately after start-up will have caused the CF to go into protection mode, so some of the functionality will have been disabled. After you get your crashes sorted out you will need to run the fix-flash-packages diagnostic.

An easy way to check whether it is something on your network causing the crashes is to unplug the network cable. If that stops the crashes, replace the network cable and disable the Humax's content sharing (temporarily - you will need it turned on for decryption).

By the way, is this an HDR-FOX or an HD-FOX we're talking about? If it's an HDR, why do you feel the need for MediaTomb?
This is on an HDR. I also have Twonky running on a QNAP NAS. I installed MediaTomb so I could stream direct to my iPhone but it doesn't work so I guess I can uninstall it.

I shall also try unplugging the network. Thanks for the fast and helpful replies.
If you shut down Twonky or the whole NAS, that should prove where the problem is. The native Humax DLNA server (Content Sharing) crashes if some versions of Twonky are running on the same network.

To stream to your iPhone you can use the standard DLNA server if you have something like Buzz Player on the iPhone.
Twonky versions 5 or 6 are O.K. working with the Humax so if you can install an older version on your NAS that will work
Thank you all. I uninstalled MediaTomb and disabled Twonky on my NAS and everything appears to work perfectly.
I installed MediaTomb so I could stream direct to my iPhone but it doesn't work so I guess I can uninstall it.
For information:

I don't understand what MediaTomb would do for you that the standard server doesn't (and indeed it does a lot less). The HD-FOX doesn't have a DLNA server, so MediaTomb fills that gap. It is also able to stream formats that the standard server can't, but they would be imported files and not recordings.

The major limitation of MediaTomb is that it cannot decrypt content on the fly, so any recordings you stream with it would have to be decrypted first. This may explain why you had no success with it.
Mediatomb works better when streaming to non-Humax devices following a PAT fixup.. messy process that I've never automated but I think at least a couple of users are succeeding.