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Random Reboots


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I am getting random reboots on my HDR.
I cant put it down to using the mod firmware as it was rebooting on the last firmware without using mods.

Is there a log file that i can view to see what the problem is?

I cant put it down to anything in particular and it only happens every few days from what i have monitored so far. When it does this however, rather than restarting, it sticks in standby until i wake it up.

Black Hole

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That's interesting. I left mine on overnight (or I think I did) having been accessing FTP late, but this morning it was asleep. Will monitor.


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I've noticed that attempting to play some downloaded .mkv files causes an immediate reboot instead of the usual polite message saying "Cannot play this format".


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Yeah i've had that. And i've had reboots while playing an MP4 file.
But this is now rebooting while watching TV!? The picture freezes and a second later it reboots.


New Member
I've had this too when playing mp4 files from a USB stick.

When I stop the file playing, try to switch media types or remove the USB I get a reboot.

What I didn't realise was that it was recording eastenders at the time, so in the doghouse with the Mrs - iplayer to the rescue!


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For those interested in a rather grey area, scene contributors on Usenet seem to have adopted a new rule book as of the middle of June. Something in the new spec. consistently causes the HDR-Fox T2 to reboot when playing any recent .mkv from this source. I'm just a tad annoyed as the HDR was actually rather good (i.e. produced very pleasing results) at doing just this. While I can understand the box gracefully rejecting a format it doesn't understand, spontaneously rebooting is not acceptable and should be addressed.

I'm also unclear whether the design of the HDR has any potential for updating/supplementing codecs, either through Humax updates or by any other means.