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Re-ordering forum sections


Well-Known Member
Anyway, before this thread drifts away, can we just get on with the original topic? There haven't been any sustainable objections as far as I can see.
But I'm not sure the original proposal is any more sustainable as alternatives have been suggested. I don't think it should be changed unless there is a generally supported proposal to implement.
Maybe a poll of the options available?

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
I would also opt for a poll, I think a poll with a good number of votes should follow the same pattern as the overall thread and message counts on this forum, here is prpr's list with those figures added :-

Threads : Messages : Forum Title
3047 - 53593 - HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware
1859 - 26868 - HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder
0167 - 01604 - HD-FOX T2 Freeview Receiver
0636 - 06199 - FOXSAT-HDR Freesat Recorder
0023 - 00153 - FOXSAT-HD Freesat Receiver
0151 - 01834 - FVP-4000T/5000T Freeview Play HD Recorders
0191 - 02672 - HDR-1800T/HDR-2000T Freeview Recorders
0074 - 00736 - PVR-9300 Freeview Recorder
0101 - 00716 - PVR-9200 Freeview Recorder
0032 - 00231 - PVR-9150 Freeview Recorder
0152 - 01349 - DTR-T1000/1010/2000/2100/2110/4000 (YouView) PVRs
0149 - 01299 - HDR-1000S/1010S/1100S <freetime> Freesat Recorders
0029 - 00212 - HB-1000S/HB-1100S <freetime> Freesat Receivers
0036 - 00245 - Other Humax Products


Well-Known Member
Please see first paragraph of post #14.
My reasoning was set out in post #1. Age was one of the factors. It was not the only factor, like yours is, nor should it be.
The fact is, whether you like it or not, that the CF-able boxes hold this all together.

For those who seem not to want to change anything, it is quite bizarre that a machine as old and limited as the 9150 is at the top of the list, as everyone seems to want some sort of age related sort. Frankly I'm amazed at the level of discussion and objection really. I'd have expected the admin. to just do it. You will never please everybody whatever you do, however much you discuss or whether you have a vote or not.
It's called democracy.
The problem is that the time taken to come to a decision is inversely proportional to the number of people making the decision.
I'm not certain who's law that is but I'm claiming it now.
The shortest time is usually arrived at by an autocracy, as suggested by the second to last sentence in prpr's post above.

Seems that I am too late.
Henry Mintzberg, in his book The Nature of Managerial Work, found that........ For a start, the number of people attending a meeting tends to be inversely proportional to their collective ability to reach conclusions and make decisions.


Well-Known Member
For those who seem not to want to change anything, it is quite bizarre that a machine as old and limited as the 9150 is at the top of the list,
I'm not saying there shouldn't be a change - I agree that having the 9xxx series at the top seems wrong - but your assumption that yours is the solution seems a bit, well, forward shall we say.

The CFW may be holding the fort at present, but it's not going to do so forever. The changes in the way programming is delivered is gradually edging those boxes out. So again, I think the choice of layout needs to include the forum admins' view of the future - if there is one. If they don't plan to carry on beyond the final passing of the FOX boxes (eg. when terrestrial transmissions are finally of no value) then put the CFW top and centre. If they intend to support all future Humax boxes, then newer stuff should probably get pride of place.


Well-Known Member
Where's the traffic and hence revenue going to come from after that? I've seen many forums wither and die when their main reason to be ceases (to be). Without CF, hummy.tv will be an also ran.
Given that the world seems to be headed for a situation where all relevant knowledge can be found in the last hour of Twitter and Facebook posts, many forums are probably facing this question. :eek: