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Re-tune line up order

On Crystal Palace and just retuned. My Ch 3, 4 5 etc have poor signals. However I have good versions of the channels in the 800s and 1000s. Despite choosing London (the good ITV), the Humax insists that ch 3 should be ITV Meridian with 10% signal quality not the London with 90%.

Anything I can do to persuade it otherwise?


New Member
I had this too - all the BBC channels with poor reception as 1,2 etc and good ones as 800,801,...

I did the trick of doing another auto tune and cancelling it immediately (to clear all channels). Then I added each MUX in turn that I wanted. Took less time than an auto tune anyway :)

Black Hole

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Yes, any situation where you might be receiving from more than one transmitter, best to perform a full manual tune as described HERE (click).

Receiving from more than one transmitter (typically revealed by an auto-scan producing channels in the 800's) leads to undesirable side effects with the EPG/programming/AR.