Re-tuning problems (long)


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Sorry for the long post, but thought it necessary to fully describe the problem.
I lost Channel5 so decided to retune. On auto tune there is no signal showing. I have a 3 lnb dish, I connected each in turn to my TV, they were all fine. I tried the manual tune using the transponder recommended in the manual's trouble shooting guide (11428H27500A) and found no signal. So did manual tune using all transponders. This retuned ok, but the channels are in randon order, whereas auto tune puts them in a logical order. Looking at diagnostics both channels show stregth 100% and quality 90%. My software is up to date. Any ideas please as to where the problem may lie, or where I may get more help? I know I can sort them but that seems a very long job. TIA
Using manual tune leaves you on non-freesat mode with no proper epg or timer recordings. 11428 H is the Freesat Home Transponder and it's on EB1 at 28.5E. Without access the box won'r work properly as a Freesat box. Most likely reason the recent windy conditions have shifted your dish a liitle leaving you with a problem with 28.5E but still having access to the stronger Astra 2 satellites ar 28.2E
I was confused as there was such a good signal on Astra, and a reasonable one on some of Eurobird. The satallite Finder |Kit that I have was useless, as it showed Maximim output. However I fiddled and fiddled, eventually got an output on the box from transponder 11428 H 27599 A and have managed to tune freesat, albeit with slightly lower quality shown on the Astras. Thanks for youre help. I have replied here as well as on Digital Spy, in case anyone else has the same problem and are watching the thread.