Rear USB Socket Not Working Well

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I have been having problems with my wifi connection lately - keeps randomly disconnecting, portal sometimes doesn't load and Iplayer stutters.

Thought it was the dongle, but have found that plugging it into the front USB socket gives me a rock solid usable connection.

Unfortunately, having it plugged into the front doesn't work for me as it clashes with the door of my TV unit so I was wondering if there is any way to fix the rear socket?
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It's probably not so much the rear socket as the WiFi signal quality behind the unit. You could try running the dongle on a USB extension lead to relocate the dongle.

Your overall WiFi experience might also benefit from running a survey of the WiFi channels in your immediate locality, and possibly changing the channel on your router to a less congested one.
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Thanks, good idea - hadn't thought of that. Will give an extension a try.

Also I'm blessed in the fact that my neighbours are far enough away to not show up on inSSIDer .