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Receiving scrambled or not available message on recording

Humax HDR FOX T2.

I have come across a strange bug which has me stumped atm, I recorded Alice in Wonderland from BBC One HD, the recording works fine on my Humax HDR FOX T2 which is not connected to the internet.

Later on when trying to play it on my other Humax HDR FOX T2 which is connected to the internet, I now receive the message that the channel is scrambled or not available, interestingly this only happened after I used BBC iPlayer on the Humax portal, before that, the recording did work fine on this Humax also.

I decrypted the recording using the webif and then copied it to my PC using Filezilla and it will still not play back ???.

Has anyone else had this problem ?, any help would be appreciated.

I am using custom software 2.12, webif 0.10.1-5, system 1.02.29
I'm lost trying to follow the detail. How were you playing the recording on the second HDR?

PS: what's with the bold?
I copied the recording to an external SSD drive from the Humax which has no internet connection, and played it on the Humax that has an internet connection, it worked fine until I used the Humax portal.

Now it will only play on the Humax that has no internet connection where it was originally recorded.

Bold looks nice and is easier to read.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
It looks to me that the recording is still encrypted, which is why it will only play on the original Humax, does the file have the DEC2.jpg symbol against it in the Web-If >> Browser Media Files?

Black Hole

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Bold: used to emphasise passages of text. It won't help you read everyone else's posts.

Your reported symptoms do not correlate with any previous experience. Are you sure the recordings which now fail are the same ones that played before, or is it the method which has stopped working?
It looks to me that the recording is still encrypted, which is why it will only play on the original Humax, does the file have the View attachment 389 symbol against it in the Web-If >> Browser Media Files?
You are right Ezra, the Humax that made the recording does have the enc flag set, I have the custom program to remove the enc flag on this unit but it has stopped working for some unknown reason, hence my mistake, I copied the recording to the external SSD drive and then copied it to my other Humax, the custom software removed the enc flag, I used the webif to decrypt the file, but this does not work as it was not recorded on this unit, I will have to clear the flag on the Humax it was recorded on.

Thanks for your help Ezra, I missed the fact that each Humax has its own encryption method.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
There used to be a one-off 'Remove ENC' command in the Web-If but I think it has now been removed, so the only option is the auto-unprotect package. In the short term you could copy the non playing file back to the original Humax and perform the decrypt as the second Humax has removed the ENC flag for you, but obviously in the long term you would need to uninstall and then re-install the auto-unprotect package or send a telnet command line e.g.
opkg install auto-unprotect --force-reinstall
Thanks guys for all your advice, the problem is now solved, I had mistakenly installed system version 1.02.29 without the custom mod on the unit that made the recording, so the auto-unprotect package stopped working.

Play and stop did the job of clearing the enc flags nicely, thanks xyz321.
You may need to run the 'reset_unprotect' diagnostic and reboot, as detailed in #8 above
Thanks again Ezra,
The Humax still had the enc flag set on recordings that were made before I installed the system software 1.02.09 with custom software 2.12, the enc flag is cleared on any new recordings in HD, but not previous recordings.

Play and stop cleared the enc flags nicely, thanks xyz321.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
To run reset_unprotect, go to the Web-If >> Diagnostics >> Run Diagnostic and replace the word 'general' with reset_unprotect then click on Yellow Run Diagnostic. If that method doesn't work you can copy the corresponding hmt file to your P.C. and run FOXY on it (See NOTES HERE)