Recommended programmes - how to turn off? Clock screensaver?


When I recorded Salman Rushdie, my HDR suggested that I might like Tom Jones as well. :eek:

Is there a way to turn off these recommendations? I have never yet been offered a programme I liked, but I have twice accidentally pressed the wrong button to say 'Yes please - record that for me'.

How about the 1970s British Rail digital clock screensaver? Can we tinker with that at all?


I telephoned Humax about this long time ago because I was getting irritated with both the absurd recommendations
and the "also in HD" one (I dont watch much TV but I regularly check out teletext and you either have to wait for the
stupid pop up to go or press exit to get rid of it before you can ask it to display teletext )
According to them it is not possible to turn these annoying things off. ( do they really want repeat business I wonder?)

Anyway - I've never looked into the programming of these boxes but as a suggestion for those good guys here that do
Would a cron job that scans the program info database and deletes whatever triggers the "also of interest" pop ups
be possible? Its just an idea.

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These pop-ups come from the live EPG data, and are coded into the Humax firmware in order to meet Freeview requirements. There is no database fiddling we could do that would stop them.


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The discussions about the screensaver have been moved to their own dedicated [screensaver] thread HERE.