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Record from buffer?

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by galleonslap, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. galleonslap

    galleonslap New Member

    Hello, I'm a newbie here, this is my first post, so please go easy on me! I am a long time user of the Foxsat HDR, since it was first released. One of the promised, and sadly not delivered, upgrade features was the abilty to save live programmes already being buffered as complete recordings. The Foxsat doesn't let you do this, saving only from the point you pressed "record". Does the HDR-Fox-T2 implement this properly? Sorry if this has already been covered. Thanks!
  2. keithatrochdale

    keithatrochdale Super Moderator Staff Member

    Provided you have been on the same channel the 9200 let's you rewind the program and then record it. Not sure if this will work with your machine, but may be worth a try.
  3. oijonesey

    oijonesey Hummy.tv SEO Guru

    Yes it does. You need to rewind live TV to get to the point in the buffer where you want the recording to start then hit record and it will record from that point onwards. If you hit record again you can then set the duration or end point. Details on P30 of the manual which you can get to via Black Holes thread FAQ: Index to Existing Informative Threads here http://www.hummy.tv/forum/threads/faq-index-to-existing-informative-threads.400/
  4. galleonslap

    galleonslap New Member

    Great, thanks for the prompt replies. I'm thinking of getting an HDR T2 as a second HiDef box for when DSO arrives here, which won't be until Feb/Mar next year (Hannington TX), and just investigating the options. BTW pleased to see Raydon and others have been busy here too, I am already using his media file server package on the Foxsat! :) A last OT question, do the remote codes conflict between the Foxsat HDR and the HDR T2? Thanks.
  5. oijonesey

    oijonesey Hummy.tv SEO Guru

  6. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes they do, but there is a simple fix for this, see This Post.

    Edit: oijonesey beat me to it, must learn to type quicker.:)
  7. galleonslap

    galleonslap New Member

    Excellent, thanks very much! The HDR T2 is definitely the preferred option right now. :D
  8. tahrey

    tahrey Member

    Apologies for the thread necromancy, but I can't think of anywhere more appropriate to ask this:

    If you've buffered a programme that's either very near to the end or has already finished when you come to save it from the buffer ... is there a way to set the end point (as well as the name it receives!) to a place EARLIER than where the live broadcast has reached? When I attempt this, it only gives me options on a theme of "stop here", "stop at X time no earlier than one minute from now" "stop at end of current programme (and give the file its name)" and "stop at end of NEXT programme" (wtf? why is that considered more useful than "crop at end of previous programme"?).

    As a result, when trying to make use of the buffer, if I happen to have set the longer programme recording and buffered the shorter one - most especially when they're scheduled to end at the same time but one overruns the other - I keep ending up with files that need to be manually and tediously cropped and renamed. Which wouldn't happen if there was just an option to "record to end of previous" or similar.

    Is it that this exists and I'm doing something dumb, or is this an oversight in the box's capabilities?
  9. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    I think you've explored all the options. If I decide to save something just watched, I scroll back to the start of the item and then hit record. There are no options to set the end of the save, and the HDMI output resumes the live feed and cannot be interfered with until the save buffer process is complete.

    What you can do is hit the stop button, and the save will end wherever it has got to. You have to hope that it has saved everything you want at that point, but it can be monitored via the recording length in the media browser view.

    The inconvenience is that the recording will be given the name and properties of the programme currently being transmitted - but that is easily rectified via the WebIF media browser Rename option.
  10. tahrey

    tahrey Member

    Blast. Oh well. I guess it's something that is unlikely to be fixable with CF packages either, as it's a pretty core function?

    I haven't tried hitting stop whilst on the "cannot start delayed recording at this time" progress screen, but might experiment with it by recording something I don't much care for and seeing what happens. All it shows me at the moment is that warning, a progress bar, and a "close" button which gets rid of the popup when I hit OK. I suspect what it'll actually do is ask me what channel I want to stop, and it'll just stop the live recording of that programme, if it's not stopped already (in which case it probably won't appear anyway). But worth testing even so.

    The renaming thing was something I was hoping to avoid because it's a monumental pain in the backside, especially if the prog has already been through the shrinker by the time I get to it because the EPG data is also typically wrong as well (for some reason it seems to save the title/description for the preceding programme, just as it gives the file the name of the following one) so making sure of what the file actually contains involves watching at least part of it through and maybe going off and making reference to online EPGs or printed listings. As well as the whole process itself, which isn't too bad using the webIF but is suboptimal if you have to use the remote...

    It is what it is, though, I suppose. It could literally be far worse. Could be a TopUpTV Thompson 6300, for example.