Record to a Folder


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Having just acquired a used HDR unit I noticed the previous owner had not formatted the HD. It has some children's TV recordings on it which are organised in folders. I setup some recordings of my own for my grandson one of them being Fireman Sam. I noticed that the recording ended up in the existing folder called Fireman Sam. Am I to assume that if a folder name matches the name of the programme being recorded the recording will be placed in that folder? This is a nice feature I wanted to exist but the manual does not mention it at all.
Programmes recorded as series rather than individual go into a folder named after the first programme recorded in that series. Programmes recorded as individual entities are recorded into the top level.

This presumes the Foxsat-HDR works the same as a HDR-FOX. It is a Foxsat you have, I take it (this is the Foxsat section of the forum)? Update: I see (from other posts) that it is. "HDR" is not a very useful abbreviation for Foxsat-HDR (and neither is "Foxsat" when there can be confusion with the Foxsat-HD).
Thanks for the reply. Yes my unit is a Foxsat HDR: I will be more specific in the future, sorry for any abiguatiy.

As I have not had the box long I've yet to record much but it looks like the unit is functioning as I'd like.