Record two and watch a third?


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Hi, we have just bought a HDR 1000s. We moved straight across from free view (top field). So I know nothing about humax machines and nothing about freesat or even satellite (never had sky).

I have seen a few forums talking about the bugs that are being ironed out on this new machine. I think we may have missed some of these bugs as our machine had the new v16 loaded on first start up.

What I am struggling with is this: on our old free view toppy we could record two programmes and watch a third, all at the same time (as long as we weren't using too many of the same muxes). We cannot do this with the new 1000s. We can only watch one and record one at the same time.

Is this a satellite thing? Or a 1000s thing? Or is this to do with a bug (I've seen reference somewhere to maybe a bug to do with both tuners not working, but not sure if that is something else)? Looking at what my two tuners are doing, sometimes they say they both have good signal and other times they say one of them has no signal. It has all been professionally installed at huge expense specifically for freesat with two feeds to the box.

Thanks if anyone can help shed light. Not sure if we have a problem or if this is what you get with freesat.
The box should have the same capability as the Toppy.

Recording two from the same mux(Freeview), transponder (Satellite) you can view any other channel and live pause it.

Recording two from different mux/transponders. You can view any other channel sharing a transponder with either mux/transponder.

Freeview has only 5 SD mux plus 1 HD, satellite has dozens of transponders.

Try this tune to BBC-HD and press the record button, tune to BBC1-HD and press the record button. Tune to 119, after 30 seconds press the pause button, you should be able to use live pause. Catch up to real time,. After 15 minutes press the record button (it will say you can't record). Press media and stop one of the two BBC recordings. The buffered content of 119 should appear as an ongoing recording (tested on V 1.0.6 not tested on latest 1.0.16).

Stop all recording. Start one on on BBC1-HD and another on ITV1-HD. Press the up and down channel change keys it will cycle through the 3rd channels you can watch.

A unused tuner on the HDR-1000s is not powered (presumably to save energy). If when using diagnostics it says two cables at the bottom then during install two connections were found.

If you start a recording then both tuners will be in use so you should then see the signal levels in diagnostics.

Post if the above tests don't work