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Recorded Program names.


Hi all,

I have a vanillla HDR-FOX T2 and i have series linked a number of childrens programs. Now I have an issue were I have recorded a number of the same episode on to the box over time. For example I have at the moment 117 episodes of ballymoray and about 30 or so episodes of Justins House. I dont have an third party firmwares installed or anything. I am just wondering if there is any software or anything that I can use that will auto rename the files so I can then delete all the multiple copy of the same file?

Black Hole

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There is. The following links refer you to the Wiki entries and any forum discussion I can find about them.

First, there's series-filer, which will automatically shift nominated recordings into a sub-folder like "Kids" for example. Wiki (click); Forum (click).

Then there's dedup, which can turn bland name-and-date file names into episode names (if the data is available in the EPG). Wiki (click); Forum (click).


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Then there's dedup, which can turn bland name-and-date file names into episode names...
The standalone dedup package has been superseded by the dedup function in the web interface for more people. It also removes duplicates, hence the name. I find it invaluable for kids's programmes (Octonauts!)

Ezra Pound

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It made short work of 190+ Shaun the Sheeps with the same title, A brilliant Utility. See screens HERE ( Screens 4 and 5)