Recorder lock-up ('Topupanytime2')



Due to the accidental use of the remote control, the recorder appears locked, whereby it will no longer respond to the controller (e.g., channel change, on/off, media selection etc.,), with the scrolling message referring to 'Topupanytime2'. This seems to be related to subscription channels which we don't use.

I have switched the recorder off, and back on (via the switch on the rear), but the problem remains.

Further details: a) The TV screen (via HDMI-2) displays "No programmes are currently being broadcast on this channel", b) the front panel on/off 'standby' control switches the recorder between on and standby (switching to standby returns the TV to normal operation).

I can't see anything relevant in the manual, and so any suggestions for a remedy would be much appreciated. TIA.

Is it possible that you have pressed one of the buttons at the top of the remote control ( TV / DVD / AUDIO ), as these would stop the recorder from responding.
Try pressing the "PVR" button, and see if this fixes it.