Recording 3 programmes one after the other.

If you set 2mins start padding and 5mins end padding, what does the Humax do at the change over point? Does it record the same channel for 7 mins using one tuner, to each recording or does it forget about the padding and switch one tuner from one recording to the next?

I ask because at the weekend I was recording Strictly, Dr Who, X Factor and Merlin and a message came up asking me which programme I wanted to record at the point where Dr Who was about to start. I couldn't get to the remote fast enough and the message disappeared. I pressed stop and was asked which recording to stop. When I selected Strictly, then Dr Who started recording but Merlin DIDN'T record following it, which came back with a tracking error. X factor recorded fine as we were watching the start of the recording while it was still recording the end.
I don't know what happens if the tuner needs to switch to a different service/channel, but if you have programmes back-to-back on the same service the in-between padding gets ditched and the recordings switch at the EPG time. Recording Springwatch and Unsprung for example, one typically gets the last few moments of Springwatch at the start of the Unsprung recording.