Recording....but no files in media list


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This is a new problem for me. All day, the box has looked like it has been recording as normal, red ring showing and the little red dot appearing in the guide. If I press the stop button, it offers to stop recording the programme...

.....BUT there are no new recordings showing in the media list, and if I log in through the web interface from a PC, it shows that I am watching a programme, but does not show the programmes that it thinks it is recording.

So, to summarize, it appears that the box thinks it is recording, but it isn't really....

I am running custom firmware, and the box passes general diagnostics.
Start with a cold reboot (full power off), and then consider a factory reset (which will mean setting everything up again - but not the CF so you will be able to restore the schedule).
I have been getting similar symtoms recently. when the red ring shows recording in progress and nothing is actualy being recorded any scheduled recordings also fail.
when you do a hard reboot ( turn off the switch on the rear) then everything is OK again until the next time. I have not been able to correlate this malfunction with any other specific action or event.