Recording conflict


hi all tried to set up a recording today dr who on 101 but keep getting a schedule conflict and told to select an alternative, now I have had a conflict before when I have had two recordings scheduled and am asked if I want to cancel one, but this is the first time I have had this screen, for info I do have one other scheduled recording a series link of Emmerdale on 103. I have checked scheduled events but emmerdale is the only thing set up anywhere near this time. Any help on this ?
Sometimes if the broadcaster changes the schedule within seven days of the broadcast the guide can end up with two different copies of the same event in the schedule. The best thing to do is to unschedule Emmerdale and then schedule it back in again or, if you use the custom firmware you can choose to Refresh Events for Emmerdale.
The Visual display on Remote Scheduling or Webif Schedule->Visual is the easiest way to see and fix conflicts.
For genuine conflicts you can choose to Skip or Record an alternative showing to resolve the conflict
Thanks for the helpful replies it was just the first time I have seen this when I couldn’t see any conflicts in my recording schedule. Will update later if it cleared after following the advice on here