Recording failed - no signal


On Friday night I set Gardeners World and Parades End to record ( both on BBC2 HD on ch 54 ).

When I came to watch GW a message flashed up saying recording failed - no signal. At first I assumed some sort of transmission failure but instead of the blank screen I would have expected I was asked if I wanted to watch anyway. It had recorded 23 mins of the paralympics ( yawn ) preceding GW. Curiously Parades End was recorded OK but on some channel in the 1000+ range - it included the last 5 mins of GW ( I add padding ).

Was this a case of the preceding programme overrunning and no epg update being sent - ie tough luck, it's out of my control. Or is it something I can avoid in future?

BTW I did use automatic tuning and clearly do receive from two transmitters. It used to be necessary to get good reception on all stations but probably isn't now. It never bother my previous PVR but I understand it may cause issues with the HDR.
If you have duplicate entries in your channel list e.g. 800 and above, that could be the cause. See removing duplicates HERE
If a live event causes programmes to be running late it is unlikely the EPG will be updated, and even if it was the Humax would have to be awake at some time prior to the recording in order to register the update (not just recording from standby). AR can only track delayed starts within a certain window, so either way you can be buggered.

What's this Paralympics? I thought that was exclusive to C4?

The Humax probably claimed the programme had not recorded because the correct programme ID didn't turn up as expected.
I think it was paralympics - I didn't count the legs. People in shorts running around a lot.

I had thought a benefit of Freeview+ was that late changes/overunning programmes would be signalled so the PVR could adjust. But presumably that depends on the broadcaster sending the right signals. My old PVR used its own epg and programme IDs so was independent of broadcaster whims, but on the downside it downloaded it once a day so could not detect late changes at all.

How long does the HDR need to be on before the epg is updated? Presumably padding overrides AR - ie its no use trying to pad the start to allow the epg to update then let AR adjust timing. I guess the epg updated whilst attempting to record GW then Parades End recorded on the adjusted times.

Fortunately IPlayer came to the rescue so all's well.
I think it was . . .

1) Late changes can be handled by 'Now and Next' which is updated quicker than the EPG, However it is down to the broadcaster
2) The Humax can update the EPG in 15 Mins.
3) Yes, Padding does override (turn off ) AR
When I came to watch GW a message flashed up saying recording failed - no signal. At first I assumed some sort of transmission failure but instead of the blank screen I would have expected I was asked if I wanted to watch anyway.

I've had a similar experience a couple of times in the last month and each time I thought the recording had failed but both were totally complete. We are about to have analogue switched off starting tomorrow and will have to retune so I just put it down to engineering works. I am in the North East and use Pontop Pike. Is that where you are too?
No, I'm in the South West and my main transmitter is Ridge Hill, though I also get Stroud. We fully switched over some time ago so no retune scheduled.

In my case the program wasn't recorded, it appears it was due to an extreme overrun but unless anyone knows where to find historic data for actual ( rather than scheduled ) broadcasts I guess I'll never know for sure.
I wonder if there's anyone else who's had this happen then?

Around the same time I had an episode of Eastenders record in HD. I never record anything in HD and I'm fairly sure I didn't press the HD instead of SD selector.

I hope all this doesn't mean my HDR is starting to get faults after only three months use.
It's easily done if you don't pay careful attention to the pop-ups. Click a programme on the EPG for BBC1 StDef and a pop-up will offer you the StDef version or the HiDef version, so then you have to choose the right one before you then get offered programme only or series.
Had the 'recording failed no signal' message last night on two recordings, both actually there and complete. Have also had a programme supposedly not recorded because another recording had taken priority?, also there and complete...
I get this quite a bit. If there is a ful length recording indicated they usually play
back perfectly with no problems. Perhaps the humax is a bit too sensitive in
reporting that error message?
Having monitored it I've come to the conclusion it is power level related.
Either look at the standard level indicator or the system one. Sometimes the normal
user display may indicate all is ok but if you look at the power and quality
display in the system menu you may find massive very quick dropouts occuring.
These can usually be spotted best on channels that normally you get lower power on.

I have noted that now the olympics are over my 95-98% levels have gone back down
to 50-60% and nothing above 70% again.

Coincidence ? Nope. I dont believe that anymore.