Recording failed: the programme appears not to have been broadcast

El Shiftos

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I've had this come up on a couple of programs recorded at different times on the Travel Channel. It appears when I 'OK' on the recording in the list and asks me if I want to play the recording anyway, after which it appears to play just fine. The 'broken' icon appears to the left of these recordings.

Another thing I've noticed on this channel which I'm pretty sure never happened on my 9200 is horizontal blocks appearing very briefly on the screen every now and then, both on live and recorded TV. It looks like a glitch in the broadcast or recording that can be reproduced by rewinding to the same point in time within the program.

Signal quality looks good on the Mux in question (C22) and I can't say I've noticed it on any other channels.

If you get a 'Recording Failed' message for a recording that plays O.K. it may be because the Humax thinks something is missing, e.g. a few seconds at the beginning or end of the recording. The Blocking problem on channels transmitted at lower bit rates usually occurs when a scene changes causing every pixel to be updated at the same time, rather than only small areas of the picture changing at other times
I always use padding as opposed to AR so I'm not sure how the HDR would know something was missing. I'm familiar with bitrate blockiness when the scene changes in MPG files and broadcasts and what I'm seeing doesn't look like the same thing - it's like a narrow band of interference running horizontally across the screen. I'll post a frame grab from the HDR the next time it happens.

On my HDR with AR I get a "Recording Failed" symbol if the HDR cannot start a recording when it detects the trigger BH mentioned above. This has always occurred when the box is set to record two programmes at a particular time with at least one recording on a different channel set to record up to the time the other two are due to start.

The HDR has a problem because it cannot record 3 scheduled-to-record programmes at the same time so it delays the start of one of the later two programmes until the earlier programme has ended.

To indicate there has been a problem the "broken recording" symbol is displayed but the programme plays ok because the overlap is usually only a few minutes.

I will speculate that your box is indicating a similar problem with overlaps of your padded programmes. However, I do not use padding so it is just speculation.

As an aside, all my recordings of Michael Palin's Round the World in 80 Days recorded ok on the Travel Channel with AR on my single Tuner HD Fox.

I recorded a whole episode of the Michael Palin repeats on the travel channel (not HD), copied that to an external HDD then copied that to my PC. The file would play in Media player classic but it wouldn't allow me to use the timeline bar to skip forward/back and would only play the file. VLC wouldn't play the file at all and gave no error message.

I used TSMuxer to create a copy of the video without any audio and that file played fine in MPC and VLC, and allowed me to skip /forward/back.

Here is a screenshot of the artifacts that appear at random for 1 frame, a few times every minute throughout this program:


So far (touch wood), I haven't seen these artifacts on any other channels or recordings. I can't confirm whether it is just on this Mux as contains very little of interest - maybe I need to suffer a few episodes of Diners, Driver-ins and Dives in the name of research!

I have also seen this 'horizontal blocking' during the Palin programmes on 'Travel', I have not seen it on any other programme / Channel
Interesting! I wonder if there's something going on at the broadcasting / encoding stage. The quality can certainly be a bit 'iffy' on the Travel channel - for example, World's greatest motorcycle rides appears to be in some non-standard aspect ratio.

Going back to my original problem of 'Recording failed', I am now starting to wonder if whatever is causing the artifacts is making the HDR think there was an error when recording took place.
As a test, I recorded Keith Floyd on 'Travel' at 6pm today using 5min/10min padding (I never use AR). No other recordings were scheduled within an hour of this to avoid conflicts. The recording showed the broken icon and reported 'recording failed' when I attempted to play it - I had to press OK twice to get it to play, after which it played through to the end just fine without displaying any artifacts. When I stopped in the middle of the recording and attempted to resume play, it went a bit screwy and started over from the beginning.
While you are probably right, I never saw this behavior on my 9200 so maybe the HDR is less tolerant to crap data streams.

The good news is a) I feel more confident that it's not my HDR that's at fault and b) I will now shut up about it :)
I recorded Michael Palin's Round the World in 80 Days series on my TVonics HD500. The only problem I had was that I had to change my TV's setting from Widescreen to 4:3 to obtain the correct aspect ratio.