Recording failed

I think the point is that "100" doesn't say very much.

Are you 120% sure about that? :p

But then, using the Foxsat to tune to the best signal would be pointless anyway, since it only goes to 100. Unless I am supposed to put a wet towel over the LNB and then achieve the best signal, but I should tell you that the tiniest movements of the dish caused the signal to drop off considerably, so it was already like balancing on a pinhead.

PS The blind leading the blind?
The wet towel test basically reduces the gain of your dish to approx the same effect of heavy rain. Using the receiver monitoring enables fine tuning under these conditions based on the error correction required to maintain the original data transmission. If your dish/lnb/alignment/stb loses signal regularly then something is wrong. What satellite cable is used to connect your lnb to your receiver and how long is roughly the cabling lengths involved?

The wet towel goes over the dish face to reduce its capability to reflect the rf energy it collects from space (it makes it effectively smaller dish). Draping a wet towel over the lnb will pretty well stop all reflected microwave energy dead (the towel will get very very very very slightly warmer :) ), A somewhat inefficient and low power microwave :D.