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Going on hol's for three weeks this weekend and want to record Downton Abbey when it starts in a couple weeks time. It's not on the EPG yet so I can't select it to do a series record. I've already set the box to record a large chunk of Sunday evening ITV1 from 16th which will, I think, do the trick but is there a more elegant solution using the name of the programme?
The only way I can think of off the top of my head, would be for you to use the Custom Firmware and also the Remote Scheduling facility. You would also need to set you HDR to 'wake up' to be able to update.

You would then be able to set up a search for Downton, (or anything else), and the Remote Portal will update your box and even set a timer when the require programme is listed in the EPG.

Take a look at the Wiki which is linked at the top of this page.
I didn't realise that the HDR couldn't schedule future recordings not yet on the EPG - I haven't really explored the search facility yet but that's where I would have expected it. My previous PVR ( won't bore you with its name again ) had a thing called a wishlist where you could specify keywords for tile, actors, directors etc. These would be stored and and compared against program lists as they became available. It once found an obscure film for me about a year after I requested it on a channel I never watched and showing in the middle of the night.

The method suggested above sounds very clever but a bit complicated and if I've understood it correctly still requires me to search the epg remotely to set up the schedule.

I wonder if Humax developers ever look at this site for suggestions..........
The Remote Schedule Auto feature does exactly what you have discribed above, you set a keyword search which can be in the Title or Description of a program and then the EPG is automatically searched daily until you tell it to stop. When found the result can be automatically recorded or a notice can be E-Mailed to you. So no, you don't have to manually search the EPG
A further thought.... If I have set up a series record for a program which has seasons will the link just last for the current season or will it pick up again at the start of the next season? Or does it depend on the whim of the broadcaster?
It does depend on the whim... The existing series setting hangs about to see if any more come along, but will be removed after about 3 months inactivity. Even if the next series arrived within 3 months it would have to carry the same series CRID to trigger recordings.

The search facility on the RS is the way to go, it can either email you when matches are found or set up a recording schedule automatically. When unattended, the HDR will need to wake up at least a couple of times a week to fetch any auto schedules and then poke them into the schedule database, but the daily EPG refresh wake-up will do for that.
It depends on the broadcaster and to some extent the Humax also, each program in a series is given a serier ID number, if the number changed between seasons then the new season won't be recored. Also a sereies recording request will only remain in the schedule for 3 months before being auto-deleted.
Might also solve the issue with seasons.
Yep, it should. Many people do all of their scheduling through the Remote Scheduling Portal (myself included) and it automatically set Doctor Who to record while I was on holiday last month.
Thanks all. I'm too short of time now to set it up before this holiday but will do so when I get back.
I see in the Wiki >> Remote Scheduling that there is a new screen shot image of the RS Portal. Is this something new in the pipeline? I refer to clicking the Pie-chart etc.
I realise that the feature has been there for sometime, I think it was I who first brought it to your attention to be included in the Wiki. However your image of the RS Portal differs from what I see when accessing the site. I was wondering if the new button was something that af123 had in the pipeline.
your image of the RS Portal differs from what I see when accessing the site. I was wondering if the new button was something that af123 had in the pipeline.

You're right it did look too much like a new button - Now changed HERE, although I do think the RS pages would benefit from a 'Media Files' icon