recording internet radio

Which box have you got? The HD-Fox needs to be in HDR mode and have Time shift recording on. Internet radio accessed through TV Portal and would be buffered for 2 hours. I have not tried it.
I don't know that it does get buffered, even on the HDR-FOX.

Just played an Internet Radio channel and then downloaded the 'last streamed content', It was a TV program from 13 dayes ago, so I don't think Internet Radio is buffered on the HDR
Well I said I hadn't tried it. Worth a go. 'Suck it and see' is one of my mottos.
The OP did say through the hummy so it could be hooked up to audio recording equipment.
Well I have proved one thing; TV Portal/Internet radio works on the HD-Fox T2 in HDRmode. I don't normally have Time Shift Recording set to on so don't know if it records to the buffer. I don't expect my results to be any different from yours. (EP/BH)
There is a bit of confusion here. The TSR buffer is 0.ts (hidden away, I don't know how the file system works on an HD-FOX but on the HDR-FOX it is at /mnt/hd2/Tsr). The TSR buffer is used by the humaxtv process for live TV. This is not the same thing as the streaming buffer used (HDR-FOX) for iPlayer and YouTube, /mnt/hd3/Streamer_down_file (again I don't know where this is in HDR Mode on an HD-FOX, but the non-mod HD-FOX does not buffer iPlayer or YouTube). EP's experiment above proved the streaming buffer isn't used for Internet Radio, and the TV Portal apps each have their own code to support them. Supposing the TSR buffer was used, as far as live TV is concerned it appears to be encrypted.

There are no transport controls that might lead one to believe Internet Radio is buffered, and the low bandwidth of audio-only streams does not suggest any technical reason to need to buffer to disk (a small buffer in RAM would be enough). That does not rule it out, it just means that if there is a disk buffer nobody has found it yet.
I have a HDR-FOX T2. What I was hoping for was a way of capturing the mp3 stream from internet radio on to the hdd. I don't have any external recording equipment, otherwise I could just take the phono outs and record it, but I was hopign for some digital capture.

thanks in advance!
No , sorry, unless the BYTs can write something that eavesdrops the stream and save it to a file.
Is there any particular reason why you don't do this with your PC, using something like Radio Sure? Using the Hummy seems unnecessarily complicated.
i record tv and radio through the humax, i listen to internet radio through it also, i could use the pc but it'd be more convenient to use the same device, for my usage using the pc would be more complicated, each to their own!