Recording music to HDR-Fox T2


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Well, I can select 'Music' after pressing Menu on my remote, but how do I get my music on to my Humax?

I have a Mac Powerbook and am in the process of digitising all of my CD collection. I just want a convenient way of playing all that good stuff.

Thanks in anticipation for your advice.

Thanks for your very quick response.
I have a 750 GB external disc which I could use, but co-incidentally, there is about that much available on the Humax drive. I should prefer to use the Humax spare capacity if possible.

If you put your MP3s on a USB device and plug that into the Humax, you will be able to use the Media navigation to copy them into the My Music folder on the Humax. No other will do, because that is the only folder you will be able to access when you set the media type to music.

As prpr says, you can also do this by FTP.
Thanks Black Hole for your advice. I'm in the process of converting files to MP3 and, if you don't mind, will report back on the success of that.