Recording one channel blocks others


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I have a quad LNB and am using 2 feeds for my Foxsat. Setup detects both feeds. Signal strength is about 60-70% with 100% Quality. I can watch all channels when I don't record anything but when I record, say, Channel 5 then BBC One HD and BBC Two HD (amongst others) show 'bad signal'. As soon as I stop the Channel 5 recording I can watch everything again.

Sounds a bit like you only have one feeder in operation. Have you got the two feeder cables connected to the outer two sockets (the middle one should be empty)?. Did you have both connected when you first switched on? If not, the box will be working in single cable mode and you will be restricted to watching/recording only one transponder programmes. The easiest way to sort it is with a factory reset with both cables attached. There is another way, but the details escape me at the moment.
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Antenna Setting

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I already did a factory reset and both feeds got detected. Depending on the selected channel the diagnostic show 1 or 2 feeds. All very strange. I tried adjusting the dish but I can't get any more signal out of it.

Any other ideas?
Can you try your box on someone else's dish, I think your lnb may be failing ?

If you record BBC1-Hd and BBC2-HD at the same time and cycle through the available 3rd channels using the programme up/down keys, do you find any other channels ? If the box and lnb is OK you should get all of them.

You don't by any chance have another sat box connected to the other lnb outputs ?
Ok, antenna settings are correct.
Recording BBC1 and 2 HD I can still watch all other programmes. Including Channel 5. Recording Channel 5 only and I get 'bad signal' for BBS HD. I think I might have a signal strength problem.

Does anyone agree?

Any idea what signal levels I should get with a sky type dish and a location just north of London?
Depends what size dish you have, quality is the important number. Using one lnb sector to watch channel 5 shouldn't affect the other outputs. Recording Channel 5 and only channel 5 will use tuner 1, therefore the problem may be down to tuner 2. Force tuner 1 to record say BBC1-HD and switch to channel 5. Can you record channel 5 now (you should be able to as you could watch it while recording the two BBC HD channels). Reverse the recording sequence by recording channel 5 (tuner 1) and attempting to record BBC1-HD. Now swap the input cables and repeat the above, does this reverse what worked and what does not ?

I have 100/100 on all UK spot beam transponders using a 60cm Zone 2 Skydish.
When record BBC HD first then I can record Channel 5 as well but not the other way round. I do have another receiver connected to another dish. Unfortunately, that one got knocked out of alignment in the last storm so I can't use the dish. However, I will try the cable. I think that cable might be a higher quality one than the ones currently connected to the Humax. Slowly trying to eliminate possible causes. The cables are 20 m long...
I was enquiring if you had another receiver on the same lnb (a faulty psu can affect other boxes).

Did you try reversing the connections to the Foxsat ? If so are you able to record Channel 5 first and then not BBC1-HD ? If so it strongly points to a lnb issue.
It turned out to be the cable. My sat is 20 m away from the receiver. The signal at the dish was very strong but at the receiver it was down to 50-60%. Replaced the B&Q cable with Webro WF100 and now the signal at the receiver is 90-100% :)
Problem solved and all working now.