Recording - One Programme, split by news for example

Carl Harris

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Have just installed HDR-Fox T2 to replace a crippled Topfield. Loving this machine, but had a question about a split recording. Searching on here only brought up "Abutting programmes on the same channel are still two separate files".

My question is, if I select a film to record and there is news in the middle, it splits the recording. Is there anyway to just tell it to treat the two as one recording?? (Topfield woudl let you just include the news and make it one recording)

Slightly odd to have a film in two parts, although I understand the machine's logic.

Thanks Carl

One of the benefits of installing the Custom Firmware is that you can join the two parts of the film. Join, split, remove advert breaks, all possible.
Thanks - I will take a look at that - I am a bit tentative about Custom Firmware, but it would be a nice feature. Thanks again. Now all I have to do is find a 3 digit code that works for my Pioneer DVD player - none of them work!!
To answer the OP, the only way to make it into one recording as standard is to change the item in the recording schedule into a manual timer recording with the appropriate start and end times (which will be fixed and not track any schedule changes).

If you were to choose to record the news as well (by EPG nomination), you would end up with three files that were exactly contiguous in time. These could then be joined (using the facilities of the custom software) into one seamless file. Alternatively (as mentioned above) one can join the non-contiguous two parts of the film recording.

The Humax always records separate EPG items as separate files, even if it is one programme with an intermission or two immediately adjacent programmes.
Ah ... thank you, I should have thought of the simplest option - the manual record. Brilliant, that will keep me going in the short term, whilst I venture into Custom Firmware.
Why would you want to record a film with the News included? Which would be quicker? Fast forwarding through the News or just selecting the second part in Media?
I take your point, I guess I'm just used to having one file!! Whilst I'm moving on, old habits take a while to change. The Topfield would produce one file and only include about 2 minutes of news. It had a great "merge" recordings feature (straight from the record in EPG option) when you were doing consecutive recordings. :)
My Liteon analogue PVR had full editing (split, join) and thumbnail selection facilities. We've overcome the lack of split and join, but still no thumbnail selection.