Recording problems


I use the padding method of recording and have had a couple of problems which I would appreciate some help with.

1) I had a single scheduled recording set to start at 6.30pm and just before this recording was due to start I was watching a different live channel and had been using the pause live tv function.
Suddenly a message popped up saying " a TSR is about to start.....................etc" and I had to select 'yes' or 'no'.
Not knowing what the message meant, I pressed 'no' only to subsequently find that the scheduled recording had been cancelled.
Because this is a two channel recorder, I thought that using the pause tv function would occupy one channel leaving the second recording channel for the scheduled recording but this doesn't seem to be the case.

2) In a similar vein, I have found that if I have two consecutive recordings scheduled e.g. as follows:

BBC 1 to start at 7.00pm and finish at 8.00pm (with a 1 min start buffer and a 6 min end buffer)
ITV 1 to start at 8.00pm and finnish at 9.00pm ( with same buffers)

I find the first programme will stop at 8.00pm to allow the second programme to start recording.
So if the first programme is running late, the end is missed.
I could understand why this would happen if I also had a further programme scheduled to start recording at 8.00pm but when there are ONLY two consecutive progammes scheduled, why are both recording channels not utilised?

Would appreciate any help on this.

Thank you.
One of the 'Rules' that the Humax uses is that no program can be recorded twice, as the live buffer is a recording, it has to be stopped in order to a allow a recording on the same channel. The recordings are only separated by the time delay. As far as I can see, your second example would only happen if both recordings were on the same channel for the reason already given
As far as I can see, the only explanation which would fit both circumstances (if accurately and completely stated) is if something is already tying up one of the tuners.

Try setting a recording (one only) and then (while viewing live TV) press the "List" button. Are all the services listed as available , or some of them greyed out? There will be symbols against some of them showing which service is playing live and which is recording.