Recording problems

Ian Barmer

New Member
can anyone help/advise? My HDR Fox T2 will not record properly. It either records a few minutes out of a whole programme, or sometimes records zero minutes. Sometimes in the media list, it will say for instance, that 41 minutes has been recorded, when in fact only six minutes has been recorded. It will also record a programme, but without the padding on the start or the end.
I called Humax and they advised a manual retune, which I have done, but it still won't work properly.
Does the hard drive need reformatting, or is the drive knackered?
It is virtually useless as a recorder. Has anyone else had this problem?
A retune is the least dramatic of the possible cures (other than turning it off at the mains and then on again - have you tried that?). The next port of call is a "factory reset":

Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default

If that doesn't help, there are ways to check and repair the disk short of a full reformat (which would delete your existing recordings).

Quick Guide to Disk Recovery (click)
There are a few thing you could try, let's start with the obvious, if the hard disk drive is full there will be nowhere for the full recording to reside, so check the free space. If there isn't a free space problem you try the recorder's padding mode by adding a few minutes to the start and / or end of your recordings, this will turn off a system called 'Accurate Recording' which may be causing your problems, there is more info. on this on the WiKi HERE
yes, the first thing I did was turning it off and on again, but that made no difference. The drive is also only 50% full so that is not an issue. I think I'll try a factory reset next. Actually there's nothing on there that I'm desperate to keep, so if it had to be reformatted I wouldn't lose much sleep...