Recording Query



Can someone tell me if this is possible.When i am recording 2 programmes at the same time can i start watching one of them while they are still recording.i have tried but when i press the Media button nothing happens,i have to wait until one of the programmes stops recording.then i can watch one of them.Thank You.Cumbrian
You certainly should be able to chase play one recording while another is in progress. I've definitely done it. If it's not working on your box then it might be worth logging a fault call with Humax about it.
ejstubbs thank you,yes i can watch one while the other is recording.but what i want to know is can i start watching one while they are both still recording,last night i was recording 2 programmes both from 9.00-10.00 i wanted to start watching one from 9.30 but i could not ,i had to wait until they had both finished recording.Cheers Cumbrian
You certainly should be able to chase play one recording while another is in progress.
"Chase play" means watching a recorded programme while it's still being recorded, hence what I described is the situation you say you are having trouble with. It definitely works on mine because I tried it last night: two recordings in progress, no problem calling up the Media list and watching either programme as it was being recorded.

It sounds to me as if there is something amiss with your box. At the risk of sounding like a PC support help line: have you tried switching it off and on again? Not while the recordings are in progress, but at a convenient time when nothing is going on. Put it in to standby then turn it completely off using the switch at the back, wait a minute or two, turn it on again and then check to see whether the fault persists. If it does then I suggest you contact Humax about it.
Sorry i am late with reply to much work on,tried what ajstubbs mentioned,switched of for 3 minutes,it now works okay.excellent thank you.Cumbrian