Recording three channels on the HDR FOX T2

I have found a way of recording three programs simultaneously on the HDR FOX T2.
If you have two recordings active and you want a third, it can be done with certain limitations.

The third channel MUST be in one of the multiplexes of the first two channel recordings, this will be obvious as you cannot select the channels that are not in one of the multiplexes of the first two channel recordings.

If the first two recording channels are in the same multiplex, then you can select any other channel.

For example, you can record BBC1 and ITV1 which are in different multiplexes, and you can also watch channel 4 at the same time.

If you want to keep the Channel 4 program aswell, wait until one of the other programs has finished recording, then rewind to the beginning of the Channel 4 program you are watching and then press record on the remote, it will take a few minutes (depending on the length of the file in the buffer) to extract the contents of the buffer, the Channel 4 program will then be stored on the HDD as a normal recorded program, all three recorded programs will be stored on the HDD.

Try it and see, it could be useful on certain occasions to record three channels simultaneously.