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Hi, sorry I have more question as I get into the use of the Custom firmware.
I have loaded the customer firmware onto my HD-Fox T2. I then used Putty to Telnet on the HD and converted my USB memory stick into Ext2 format and then installed the Web interface software. All worked great, and I have a master/slave setup where I can view HDR-Fox T2 recordings on the HD box.
But.... I thought I would be able use the rest of the USB Memory stick (16Gb) to record programs from the HD.
When I go into settings> systems.> Data storage> It only gives me drive 1 and does not let me select HDD for PVR. Am I expecting too much and this is not possible or am I missing something.


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IIRC, the system reserves 20GB for timeshift recording. You need to have a 32GB USB drive for recording.
There is a trick you can use. If you install the packages required for NFS shares (NFS-utils may be enough) it will make it appear on the unit like your drive is twice the size it actually is (e.g. 32 GB or thereabouts, in your case). Once this happens, if you run the 'assignhd' diagnostic (Telnet or Webif) you should be able to record. This only works for manual recordings though, timer recordings will fail.
Edit: as you have the foxlink package installed, which uses NFS shares, your drive may appear larger than it is already.
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Hi Thanks for the info. Didn't see that limitation but not a problem. I'll think about getting a larger disk at some time soon. Since we are using the HD-Fox as a slave to view HDR recordings it's not vital that we can record. However thanks for the info. Regards

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I've had a lot of trouble with UPDs permanently installed in HD-FOXes long-term, and recommend a small USB hard drive.