Recordings Last Night


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Evening everyone

Did anyone else have issues with recordings set last night (6th Sept), I had about 5 recordings set on various channels but nothing was recorded?
I power cycled the box this morning and tonights recordings seem to be fine.

Yes I has a similar problem. Set record on BBC4 from 21.55 to 1105pm. Recording runs for 3 minutes os so then jumps to near the end of the time span. I was wanting to record "The Killing". The recording goes blank for the whole of that programme's transmission time. Just a black screen, although on play back the recording just jumps the gap. Infuriating - this has never happened before. Any explanations? Recording normally today - so far.
Might help if you both say which transmitter you are receiving from.

Hi there,
Mine is Winter Hill which I stored manually to avoid having Welsh channels in prime positions on my channel numbering layout. I live on Wirral so have access to Moel-y-Parc. Have not had any other reception problems. Thanks for any advice. Deidre.
I'm on the Mendip Transmitter.
When I say nothing recorded I mean that none of the scheduled recordings initiated, basically there was nothing in my library for Tuesday the 6th?
Since I power cycled the box it seems to be fine?