Recordings not made, Just a file called "0." that is very large


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Normally I get a filename with date that describes what I have recoreded.

Now when I try to record a program, nothing is shown in the ...cgi-bin/browse.jim. As I can see the box in file explorer on windows I can see a huge file with the name 0.ts (currently at 18Gb!). It has the time stamp on the file of now i.e. 8.32 on a Sunday night.

Any ideas?


It's the time shift buffer file, used to create the live pause and rewind capability. It's constantly written to when the box is on from the current channel and once it has grown to the max size it doesn't get any larger just gets recorded over. If you rename it the box will just create a new one.

I guess you changed channel at 08:32 resetting the live pause to the new current channel.
Something is not right with your Web Interface as the timeshift buffer should be hidden in the Browse Media Files page. Do recordings show normally via the Humax native User Interface?
Fair enough. Might have read your post a bit quickly ... latched on to the mention of browse.jim and went down the WebIf route in my head.
Possibly but have just saved a file there and no probs.

Is this a problem anyone has seen before?

It all worked beautifully uptil recently and now just wont record!