Recordings skip with hub


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Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem. On my hd fox t2 I have a non powered hub with my portable hard disk and wifi dongle connected. Everything I record skips forward a minute or so every 5 minutes and it's starting to get annoying! I have tried removing the wifi dongle and still it skips. It's fine when the disk is plugged straight in so must be the hub. I chose the non powered hub from another post somewhere from someone saying it worked with the humax but I'm wondering whether a powered one would be better. I can't see any other related issues searching online so it doesn't look like a common problem. Any suggestions? Anything I can do in settings etc?

It is probably not supplying sufficient current to the drive. The USB specification states that a bus powered hub can only supply a maximum of 100mA to each of its downsteam ports. An externally powered hub does not have this restriction and so should be fine.
This thread is quite old but thought I would try it again instead of starting a new one. I bought a powered hub and still I get the same issues with recordings skipping. I have a buffalo ministation hard drive of about 350 gig along with an edimax wifi dongle in the same hub. The hub is a generic Memory capital one which is one of the first 7 port hubs on amazon. And appears quite often. Does anyone else have a similar setup that works?