red ring - clock


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evening all. Anyone had a problem with the clock display when using the red ring mod? I had a weird time being displayed - about 7 hours and 15 minutes behind GMT. I have switched off the clock display in the interface for now but was a bit puzzled as to where it was getting the time from, as the humax is fine?


I had a similar problem... the Humax was showing around 15 minutes out. Several hours later, the wife said 'looks like the battery's going in the clock'... the clock I was using to compare the time to. Doh!:(
The Humax clock can drift, as I believe it only updates from the EPG on cold boot (I was playing with this a while ago) and, presumably, warm start after GMT/BST change.
It is worth putting it into standby then turning off and on at the back (with a 30 second gap between) to see if it's an underlying clock drift problem. I use the clock display all the time and it's always accurate.
well - i just switched the clock on and it told me it was 01:15. So I put it in standby. ( I had tried just turning off and on which didn't work).

Going into stanby and the time showed correctly. Coming out of standby, it is still ok. Not sure what was going on, but that seems fine now, thanks very much gents.