Red ring staying on long after recording has finished


I have noticed this recently and have not made any changes. It stays on until I put the box into standby.
I have noticed this as well a couple of times. Not sure why, but in one instance I was recording one programme and was live watching a second. I had paused the live viewing (bathroom break) during which the recorded programme had finished. When I caught up during the adverts I noticed red-ring was still red and went hunting through the EPG looking to see what was being recorded. I put it down to one of those oddities. A few minutes later I noticed it had changed to blue.

Personally I'm not bothered by it. The fact that I can have a visual notification of dual recording by the pink light far out weighs any "drawbacks" resulting from it's use.
Yes, I have redring 2.10 installed.

I also pause playbacks and live whilst the box is recording and I think this may be the cause. I also have it set for dual recording indication and get a purple colour rather than pink.

I have a feeling it only occurs when previously dual recording has ended but I have never specifically checked.

It is not a big deal but I did think it worth mentioning.
Then this is probably best posted in the existing redring topic to join other reports of misbehaviour.
THIS is the master topic for redring. I have posted a cross-reference to here, so carry on!

Update: I notice you posted exactly the same thing over there in September! Perhaps it will get some attention now.
From the description provided by DragonC it should be possible to replicate this and see what's going on. If anyone can find a way of reproducing it reliably that would help.

(Purple/pink - it's in the eye of the beholder. It's created by turning the blue and red LEDs in the ring on at the same time)