Redring on HD FOX t2?

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All the narrative for Redring suggests that it would work on the HD. Seemingly at least 3 users with HD boxes make comments on it. However the installation script aborts, saying it is only intended only for the HDR. I loaded BootHDR just in case this might help (dont shout!) - but no, that doesnt make any difference to this issue.

I'm new to this - and the customised firmware is hellishly good. Thank you all. I suspect that my confusion, like those of others comes from the fact that much of the text for the HDR is common to the HD. Is there a plan to enable Redring for the HD?
What exactly do you want? The HD-FOX doesn't have the glowing ring in the centre of the front panel (surrounding the on/standby button) that redring is all about, nor the dot-matrix info panel that is also controlled.

What it does have is a seven segment display, which has been subverted to display the current custom firmware version during boot.
Redring doesn't work on the HD. As Black Hole has said, none of its features are applicable to that model (no LED ring, no VFD display, no scrolling text...)

Something similar could be produced for the HD though that turned on the red LED when recording or showed something on the screen, but it doesn't exist yet. I'll add it to the todo list but will wait until we've resolved the current issues with redring.
Hey guys thank you for the clarification. In my efforts to make sure that I had done all the homework, I'm afraid I took the generic, which must have related specifically to the HDR, to also apply to the HD. I didnt know about these additional differences. Please accept my gratitude for all your good work. the Webif interface and tools really have made the HD T2 into something really useful and manageable for my family.