Reinstating standard firmware

Would someone kindly point me to whatever thread explains how to reinstate the standard firmware? I assume there is a post on this, but I can't find it.
That information is for the HDR Fox T2 Ezra. This is the Foxsat HDR section. Just look in the Docs section built into the Web interface for the necessary information.
Removing Custom Firmware

Remove Custom Firmware
To completely remove the custom firmware carry out the following:

Download the latest Humax Foxsat-HDR firmware from here.
The download instructions are also available, it is important to read these before continuing.

I used the above, from the Docs section, but the link at "here" no longer works. I went to the Humaxdigital site, but I could find nothing useful. Am I stuck forever?


Subsequently found a site with the firmware on it. All back to normal now, thank you.