remote control faulty??


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when I want to turn the box on I press the PVR button followed by the power on button. I've noticed that the PVR button goes red (as I think it should), but it is followed by the TV, DVD and AUDIO buttons going red in sucession, not just once, they go through the row twice.

This also happened when I press the DVD followed by the power on button, and also the AUDIO button, followed by the power on button BUT nothing happens when I press the TV button followed by the power on button (other than the TV button going red once, on it's own)

Does that make sence. The red buttons light up all the way along the row, one after another, twice.

I haven't noticed this before, so want to check if it should be happening, as it's still in warrenty.

Thanks for any help.


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new batteries, problem solved!!!
If only everything was that easy to solve....
Thanks for replying.