Remote Control Flashing Mode LEDs

Ezra Pound

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I have noticed recently that my Remote Control has started flashing all four Mode LEDs in sequence when I press the green power button, This seems to be indicating that the Batteries are low, As it stopped when I replaced them, any excuse for a WiKi animation HERE
Well, at least you know it isn't going to recover, or maybe it will keep the kids amused for ages instead of watching the telly ..... ;)))))
To be fair it only cycles thought the sequence twice (8 flashes in all) for each push of the power button, but as BH says it's still killing off the batteries even quicker than it would normally
As a designer it has bothered me for a long time that the only way to alert a user to failing batteries is usually to flash a LED and thereby hasten the demise. One would think the fact that the thing stops working should be enough. It should only be necessary to specifically warn if the calibration of the equipment in question will be compromised - in which case my preference is to shut it down and only give the low-bat warning.
I got a surprise recently when one of the STBs I use popped up an on-screen message to tell me the remote's batteries were getting low - another option.

It only did it the once, though, so at least it wasn't at every keypress.
OwenMc : I got a surprise recently when one of the STBs I use popped up an on-screen message to tell me the remote's batteries were getting low

I haven't installed 1.02.27 yet but there are some changes reguarding the remote 'Mode' buttons, I wonder if they have built in this battery low feature?. I will report back if they have
That could only happen if the handset sets a bit in the data to tell the other end the battery is low. I think I mentioned elsewhere that I was surprised the handset sends out a code when you press a mode button, so anything's possible!
The Humax could look for the 'Mode' IR codes being sent in order e.g. PVR >> TV >> DVD >> AUX twice, which would never happen under any other circumstance
It doesn't transmit IR for each LED flash, so the theory in #9 isn't correct, but I think the single pulse of IR you get when first pressing the power button is longer with the low batteries than it is with new ones, so it's just possible it is sending something as well as the 'power' code. Although it could just be that the lower voltage is messing up pulse length
Iv'e just realised that as the 'Mode LED' thing only happens on a power button press the Humax (or TV) is being turned off, so it wouldn't be able to display a low battery icon anyway - Ah Well ! !
Slightly off topic but I just thought I would mention a funny I had with my handset this evening in case it chimes with anyone else: went to turn on the TV and the HDR and nothing happened despite repeated attempts and seveal pressings of various mode buttons, and the mode buttons lighting up as expected (no low-batt signal either).

I pointed the remote at my phone camera to see if anything was coming out, and it was - and the TV turned on at the same time. Everything has been fine since.

I think I must have Schrodinger's handset.
I have a picture of Madam's cat which mysteriously "died" while I was conducting an experiment...