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Remote Control Issues


New Member
Hi, I have had a new 5000T since April. This runs alongside my old HDRFOX2. Everything has worked fine until yesterday. I installed a soundbar using the ARC HDMI. Now neither Humax responds to the remote control as before. Very intermittent, very sluggish mostly unresponsive.

I have removed the soundbar now. Disconnected everything and powered down at the mains for 30 minutes. Set up everything again but no change. Both remotes have new batteries. Other than trying the soundbar there have been no other changes in the room.

The 5000T remote is in mode 1 and the HDRFOX2 in mode 6.

Any ideas please.




New Member
Thank you Black Hole. I have already removed the soundbar and disabled HDMI-CEC on my TV. The issue is still there. And both PVRs affected at the same time.

What else can I try?