Remote Control Setup With TV

Along the top of my remote are buttons for PVR, TV, DVD & Audio. Are these programmable buttons that can also control the selected device (eg can I set the Humax remote to control my Samsung TV)?


Staff member
Yes, if you look in the manual towards the back in the Appendix, you will find the Remote Control Code List together with instructions on how to enter the appropriate code.
Yes thanks. Didn't realise it could do this until I checked this forum. Another great feature for a great box.

I'm going to try it with my PS3 also, once I get round to it...
Has anyone managed to get the Audio setting working with a Linn amp? I asked Humax and they were completely chocolate teapot.
Other "universal" remotes have worked OK with the Linn, so it's not using anything particularly obscure, but no code listed.