Remote Copy via Network

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Here's something interesting to feed into the collective pool:

I have my HDR mounted as a pseudo-USB on my HD, and I decided to transfer two Bond films in the HDR My Video folder to USB drive (mounted on the HDR) - which can be seen from the HD as part of the mount in the same folder list as My Video.

Using the media browser from the HD-FOX I was able to mark the two films, OPT+ move/copy, browse to the NTFS USB drive, create a new folder in it... OK so far, no real surprise there. When it came to pressing the red button though, I was offered Move rather than Copy. I pressed it anyway, expecting it to fail because one would expect move to only involve altering the index pointers within one drive partition, and not to actually shovel any data.

The surprise is that it actually worked! When I checked the HDD the light was flashing away, and I don't know how long it took because I went out, but checking later the films are now in the folder on the HDD and not on the HDR's internal drive. I do not know whether the HD was managing the transfer by reading everything across the network and then writing it to the new location across the network, but I didn't risk turning it off just in case.

I think this conflicts with some of our assumptions about how things work in this regard. The network mount on the HD sees the whole HDR and two external HDDs as one USB device, so it shouldn't know it needs to do a copy + delete in order to perform a move.