Remote has stopped working with PVR

Andy MacRae

New Member
For some reason my remote has stopped working with the humax PVR.

I have it tuned to work with my tv also & it controls the tv fine - so the batteries arent at fault. But after playing on my Wii for a couple of hours I've tried to use the remote with the PVR but nothing works.

Does anybody know what the problem could be? I've already tried a power cycle.
Yeah, I've pressed it 101 times. But I dont get anything from it.

The box is on and works fine. Channels can be changed from the front of the machine. But for some reason it has stopped recognising the remote control. It really is odd
The reason I asked if it was switched to pvr was because I spent a frustrating hour with mine switched to tv. Only other thing I've noticed is the hummy remote is very sensitive to low battery. In the past I've been able to control the tv but not the hummy. Have you tried the remote from say a couple of feet away or just change the batteries.
I left the power off overnight & it seemed to work ok this morning. But have tried again this afternoon & its playing up again.

The buttons seem to work intermittently, but more in favour of not working. I've tried changing the batteries & using the control up close but both make no difference.

I'll try re-programming the remote like mentioned above.
Yes, the PVR button blinks as normal when a button is pressed. Its a reconditioned box, so wonder if that has anything to do with it - but i've had it 4 months, so strange its happened all of a sudden.
Have you given the front of the box a wipe just incase? I think the IR sensor is near the buttons on the right.
If you've got one of those all-in-one remotes lying about, i would give that a try by teaching it the humax codes. That would then eliminate which is playing up, the remote or the box.

Other than that, if you've still got a warranty from the supplier, I'd give them a call.
Have you tried pointing the remote at a digital camera/webcam and looking to see if it is sending infra-red? That would show whether the problem is at the sending or receiving side.