Remote schedule portal problem ?


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I'm new to the RS portal and not sure if I've encountered a problem or not...

I've added new searches in the "Auto" section of the website, and used the "Show Matching" option to verify that my searches are actually finding items in the EPG - which they are.

However, the website doesn't seem to be adding these new searches to the recording schedule - either on the website (ie, it's not showing up as Queued, Pending or Active) or on the HDR.

Now, this is where I'm a little confused. A pop-up on the website says that the EPG is searched for matches to my configured searches every hour... it's been several hours since I added these items and they still haven't appeared. I thought the "Auto" series searches would match the first item in the EPG that they find, then add the item to the Queued commands as a series search? Or am I going wrong on what it is supposed to be doing? :/

I can add items manually to the Queue (by searching the EPG or using the "Show Matches" on my Auto searches, and then selecting "Record Series"), and these get scheduled on the HDR perfectly fine - it just seems like these Auto searches aren't running...

I'm running the 1.0.32 custom firmware with the latest RS package on an HDR-FOX-T2.

Any help/advice would be appreciated :)

Yup. Type = Schedule + Series. I've selected the appropriate channel and show title.
The 'Show Matching' shows the search is finding things, but no scheduling is happening.

I believe this is a problem with the website; not the RS addon for the CF - the shows are not even making it to 'Queued' status from the Auto searches; but do if I manually add them.

I've also used the 'Reset Series' option to clear any CRIDs that may somehow be hanging around - still no joy.
The automatic scheduling only runs once a day so I'd expect something to be there now. Looks likes the popup needs updating.
There isn't any point in running more frequently as, for new events anyway, they are seven days away.
Thanks for the reply :)

This does, indeed, seem to be the case - all the entries found on the Auto searches have now appeared in the Queued items.

As it appears the auto searches are only performed once a day; how do we go about adding an auto search for something that would match the same day?

For example, I notice at 9am that there's a new series of something that was not previously in an auto search beginning that evening. I add the search as normal - using the "Show Matched" option I can see that it has found the show for that evening. But it doesn't add that show to the queue because the searches are only updated once per day.
(Assume for the moment that my HDR wakes up to collect queued items twice throughout the day)

Given the above, it seems the user might get bitten on the butt - they can see that their search has matched items for that day, but the portal hasn't actually done its thang to queue the items - with no warning given to the end user?

I can see that the obvious answer is to say "If it's something scheduled for that day, add it to the queue manually" - but there's no warning to tell the user that...

I speak as one whom now has a sore butt :)

Lots of ducks are needed in a row to get an RS schedule item to be actioned by the HDR-FOX, so it probably wouldn't help. Trying to schedule something via RS that is transmitting soon is like desperation.
  1. The schedule request is logged at the RS web site;
  2. The home HDR-FOX has to check in periodically to download new commands (they are not "push");
  3. The home HDR-FOX has to go through a reboot in order to add the RS item to the schedule;
  4. Only at this point can the item be actioned - in other words item 1-3 must be completed in sequence before the transmission time.
I'm aware of the process needed to get RS scheduled items onto the HDR - to that end, i've arranged for my box to wake up regularly in order to pick up the additions I may make on the website.

My concern (?) is that people like me are unaware that the RS portal does not perform it's searches more than once per day - so we are completely unaware that items scheduled for the same day will not be queued until the following day. This is also incongruent with the information actually provided in the pop up on the RS portal itsself.

I can work around the issue now that I know about it... but until the post earlier I took it on face value that the searches were performed every hour - and therefore believed the RS portal wasn't working correctly.

Cheers for the replies :)