Remote Schedule Question


I have a very simple keyword search, looking on all channels (for 'Frost'). For this search only (others seem to be fine) it picks up multiple entries on ITV - namely ITV, ITVHD, and ITV+1. obviously, this causes a conflict, even if nothing else is programmed!

I'm sure I have similar searches that should pick up duplicates like this, however RS only records one. or am I just lucky, and this is 'normal' behaviour? If so - any suggestions for how to solve, without havinng to manual delete each time? I'd like to carry on searching all channels, as ITV3 also runs this programme...



Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
If you set the Remote Schedule >> Auto >> Type = Email rather than Type = Schedule you will be sent a Email notification so that you can pick which programmes you want to record before any recording takes place. Not sure why this search is trying to record the duplicates though