Remote Schedule Question


I have a very simple keyword search, looking on all channels (for 'Frost'). For this search only (others seem to be fine) it picks up multiple entries on ITV - namely ITV, ITVHD, and ITV+1. obviously, this causes a conflict, even if nothing else is programmed!

I'm sure I have similar searches that should pick up duplicates like this, however RS only records one. or am I just lucky, and this is 'normal' behaviour? If so - any suggestions for how to solve, without havinng to manual delete each time? I'd like to carry on searching all channels, as ITV3 also runs this programme...


If you set the Remote Schedule >> Auto >> Type = Email rather than Type = Schedule you will be sent a Email notification so that you can pick which programmes you want to record before any recording takes place. Not sure why this search is trying to record the duplicates though