Remote scheduler - how to disassociate a device?

Paul Vickery

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Hi all,

I recently had a warranty exchange on my HDR, which I had registered on the Hummpkg Remote Scheduling. I have set up the replacement box with RS, and registered that one, but the old box is still offered to me by the RS interface. It wouldn't be so bad, but the new box's MAC address comes later alphabetically than the old one, so it always starts by showing the old one.

Does anyone know if it possible to un-register a box from my RS account? I could set up a new account with a different email, but that is not really a solution, and that may also cause problems if someone else ends up with my previously faulty box as a reconditioned unit!



Black Hole

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I think you have to ask af123 to do it (this has come up before), but he said he will be otherwise occupied over Christmas.


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Send me the MAC address of the old box and I'll remove it. I'll get around to adding a button for this in the new year as it has come up a couple of times now.