Remote Scheduling Manual Event Button Missing



I've done a search and I can't find this mentioned anywhere so apologies if it has been covered before.

I have 3 boxes set-up to use RS and as I'm going away on holiday I wanted to set-up some extra "wakeup" schedule entries to keep the box powered on to allow quicker remote scheduling of new programs.
It's a long time since I had to do this and I noticed that the old method to add wake/sleep entries has been removed. I read the forum entries that discussed this and it says to use the "Manual Event" button to schedule a reminder instead. Problem is that the "Manual Event" button seems to come and go on the different boxes. Is there a reason for this? Currently, on box 1 there is no button but there are pending requests waiting to be actioned. On box 2 there is nothing pending and the button is available. On box 3 there is nothing pending and the button is not available. However, a conflict is shown (although there is no actual conflict and no conflict is shown if I use TV Diary via the webif), would this cause the button to become unavailable?

Ezra Pound

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Are the three units running the same version of Custom Firmware?, the 'Manual Event' icon is a fairly new feature. You can still set up 'Reminders' using the remote control rather than the Web-If


Yes they were all running the same version of the custom firmware but I'd turned off auto package update after I had a problem with it some time ago so a lot of packages (including rs) were out of date. I updated them all and lo and behold the problem seems to have gone away.
Silly of me not to think of this before I posted. Thanks for your help.