Remote Scheduling Problem


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I just installed the Remote Scheduling package on my HDR and registered the device. When I go to the website it keeps telling me that "Your device has not yet uploaded initial data". Can anyone advise please?



I deleted the device on the website and then restarted the Hummy. This allowed me to register it again. Then went back on the website and thought I had succeeded as I didn't get the message again. It now has the schedule data from my Hummy but the EPG is empty so I can't schedule anything from there. Hmmmmm! Anyone know what's going on please?

My version of rs is 1.2.1-2 and I cannot see the Additional Commands button. I want to add another Wake/Sleep command.
The 'add wake / sleep' option was removed because it is not recommended, adding a 'reminder' (where the Humax wakes for a set time to display a selected channel) is now recommended in place of the wake / sleep function
Further information: While it was found possible to add extra timer on/off settings to the Humax's configuration (there is only one on and one off time supported through the normal interface), doing so lead to unreliable operation in some cases. Reminders provide similar (although not identical) functionality, and are the preferred method.

To set a daily reminder schedule entry:

Guide >> Schedule (yellow) >> New Reservation
Set Channel to whatever you want it to power up on the subsequent boot (note this can be overridden by the power-on-channel package), Date = tomorrow, Repeat = Daily, Mode = Reminder.
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A daily reminder setting (e.g. 19:00 to 23:59) will suit my requirement of streaming my recordings to my tablet when I am away from home. However, if I forget to set this up before leaving home then I have to set a series of reminders with "rs" to cover the period I require and repeat this every day. Is it possible to have the same functionality on the "rs" reminder as the Humax reminder whereby the reminder times can be edited and repeated daily?
Not at the moment, although it may come in time. You realise, of course, that your Humax would have to be awake at some time in order to download the new instructions, and then reboot at some later time in order to incorporate them.
Thank you for the info. I do have 2 wake/sleep periods per day (04:14-04:45 & 16:15-16:45) which I created before the functionality was removed. I hope the rs reminder extended editing feature is incorporated in the next upgrade of rs.