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Trying to use the Remote Scheduling site's EPG search; I was searching for Only Connect. However, despite looking at the wiki page and the pop-up help, and trying different alternatives "only connect" +only +connect etc, I still get lots of unexpected matches for Channel CONNECT 2, Programme CONNECT 2.

Note that the example supplied +doctor +who also gives extraneous results.

Is there a problem with the search or the search description on the wiki and pop-up help?


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If I search for just "only connect" including the quotes then I just see two events - the standard and hi-def version of the same programme next Monday. That might be because the other programmes have dropped out of the EPG now.

+doctor +who does give me extra results though (House Doctor for example); I'm not immediately sure why that is
+"doctor who" is okay though.


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So why am I seeing different?
Just to clarify...
I am at, I click the orange EPG button at the top, type in "only connect" (with the quotes) and hit enter
Same result from if I type it into the EPG search query box.
I get about 100 matches. 2 are the ones that I want, the rest are channel 229 "CONNECT 2", programme "CONNECT 2" (2 hour progammes, every 2 hours for the next 7+days).

Maybe that is the difference; regional EPGs, if you don't have that channel?

Anyway, I tried your Doctor Who fix and +"only connect" does give the result that I want.
It does leave me thinking that although we have a description for the search terms, it is not very detailed.

Just to throw in another...
If I put "only connect" (with quotes) into Automatic Scheduling, I do get just the 2 matches that I expected, so the search logic there must be different

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It does leave me thinking that although we have a description for the search terms, it is not very detailed.

If it's any consolation, I haven't a clue what to insert where either. I know about +"string" and -"string" but there seem to be two possible boxes to place them in, which always confuses me. Having more explanation on the search web page would help. The once I tried it, for "Shetland", it didn't send me a reminder, even a few days before the program!

Why Series/Events? If you choose event and it's a series, does that fail? Also, Name and Synopsis? If I am searching for "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and that appears as

Name: The Girl with the...
Synopsis: ...Dragon Tattoo. Blah blah

does that fail?

Edit: On the EPG search, inserting "the girl who played with fire" (with the quotes) produces spurious results.

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Series or event is to chose whether you want notification/scheduling of the series just once as a whole, or as individual programmes. If you don't trust the broadcasters to get the series linking right, use "event".